I am the first one to admit I am not as charitable as I should be, and I blame a lot of that on money and finances. There are ways to be charitable this season, if you feel like you would like to be, without spending a dime. 

If you feel like you would like to be giving without spending money, there are ways to do it.

  1. Donate Blood - it is a great way to be charitable. Giving blood saves lives and there is always a blood shortage. If you give plasma you might actually make some money on your charitable ways.
  2. Donate gently used items - it just takes a little time to go through that closet that is packed full of things you haven't seen in months or even years and donate it to charity. Non profit organizations like Idaho Angels and South Central Community Action Partnership give right back to the community and they accept most donations.
  3. Volunteer for Meals on Wheels - this time of year the Twin Falls Senior Center is always looking for volunteers, you can donate some time and deliver much needed food to seniors around the area.
  4. Donate to a food pantry - There are several food pantries around the area that remain local. There is a pantry at the College of Southern Idaho to help college kids, a giving box by the Barbershop on Main, and of course food pantries. You can just grab some canned items or frozen items from your pantry, that easy.
  5. Craft and Donate - if you are able to make something like blankets, art, pillows, clothing etc you can always make something and donate to charities that could use it. It is technically spending money on resources to build or make it but you could also use whatever you have at home already. If you are crafty it is a great way to give back.
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