Southeast of Pocatello, you'll find an expanse of riverside hot spring pools that not only offer stunning visuals from within the warm waters, but the property itself is in an area of Idaho that has quite a history.

The Shoshone Indians of Idaho once used the grounds of Maple Grove Hot Springs in Thatcher as a place to relax long before the property was turned into a public gathering spot. The hot springs are located 180 miles east of Twin Falls, in Franklin County.

A YouTube upload from January 24, 2021, posted on the channel of Our Story To Tell, is a terrifically-edited video, which includes stunning aerial drone shots that aid in telling the story of this intimate, historical region of southeastern Idaho. Idaho has more than 120 public hot springs that dot the lands within state borders.

The other remarkable thing about these hot springs are the fact that you can kayak and explore the river waters just feet from the private pools, something a lot of state soaking springs don't offer. To think that people have been traveling to this spot for its natural beauty and healing properties for hundreds of years--14 different minerals are said to be found within these spring waters-- really adds to the indulgence of taking in this experience.

If the stones surrounding these private pools could speak, I bet they'd tell quite a story. You can book a soak at the Maple Grove Hot Springs by clicking here.

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