You can rent out one of the theaters at Magic Valley Cinema 13 in Twin Falls for you very own private holiday watch party. Get your close family and friends together to watch your favorite holiday movies without disruption.

Holiday movies are available through January 3rd and you can get up to 20 people in your private showing. If you want to watch classic titles it is $95 and for more current movies it is $145. In the grand scheme of things, if you split that between 20 people that isn't a bad price at all. You even get to select what auditorium you want and what time you want to watch the movies. This is brilliant if you ask me.

I really admire that theater for trying to find new ways to keep themselves running during the pandemic.

Honestly I am not sure why this hasn't been a thing already for block buster movies. I would pay for my own movie theater showing to guarantee that I wouldn't have screaming kids, teenagers and adults on their cell phones texting and people walking across me.

And who doesn't want to see some of the best Christmas and holiday movies on the big screen especially if they are the classics you never had a chance to do watch in a theater before. A Christmas Story I bet is fantastic on the big screen.

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