Which one would you rather have? Would you rather have your company host a Christmas party for you and all the other employees or get a Christmas bonus of $100?

We decided to make the Christmas bonus about the equivalent of dinner, drinks and tip for two. If you go some place super nice it might be $150 but we figured most places in Twin Falls you could enjoy for $100.

Would you rather have your company have a Christmas party that you can do with your plus one and all your coworkers or get the cash? It really makes you think how much do you actually like your coworkers. On one hand the Christmas party could have some give away items or a white elephant exchange, those are usually pretty fun. But, you may end up with something you hate or can't use. Or you could get something that you never would have thought about getting yourself and you love.

The cash however is cash. You spend it on whatever you want and whoever you want. Need $100 to go to bills? There you go. If you really wanted to get yourself something for Christmas but you spent all your money on friends and family, $100 could be incredibly useful.

As far as my vote, I think I would have to go with the Christmas party. Those make some pretty great memories with the people you spend more time with than your family. But I love my coworkers. If I didn't get along with them I would go for cash all the way.

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