So, a couple of years ago, my co-worker set a plant upon my desk that someone had given him. My desk used to be the place to take an unwanted plant to die. What, you don't want the guilt of killing a living thing? Give it to Kate, she kills everything. Ha! I've even got flowers now! Eat fertilizer, co-worker we'll call Bate Nird. That plant in the background is one I've kept alive for even longer. Good days and bad, I no longer consider myself to be the bringer of plant death.

Now, my new challenge. How do I get this orchid to bloom? I bought it with flowers and they died. This happens. It's the process. But it's been 2 years and I haven't had a bloom since and I'm beginning to lose faith.

Kate's Desk
Kate's Desk

Value your plants. They make a space full of something living or green or something like that. Don't feel guilty over killing them. Sometimes they grow back!



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