You may not realize how many places there are to actually put a boat in the water around the Magic Valley. You don't have to travel too far to find a place to boat with the family. We have a list of some of the best places to go boating.


  • 1

    Carey Lake

    About a mile east of Carey is Carey Lake. There is a boat ramp but no docks.

  • 2

    Dog Creek Reservoir

    North West of Gooding there is pretty much everything you need here. Boat ramps, docks, restrooms and camping. Plus ADA fishing access.

  • 3

    King Hill

    Put the boat in about 5 miles north of Glenns Ferry off I-84. There is a boat ramp but no dock.

  • 4

    Lava Point

    18 miles north of Shoshone at Magic Reservoir you can enjoy a day on the boat. It is a beautiful place with a dock and boat ramp.

  • 5

    Little Camas Reservoir

    25 miles north of Mountain Home off US 20 you can put the boat in with a boat ramp but there is no docks to go fishing or swimming.

  • 6


    West of Timmerman Junction at Magic Reservoir just another fun place to be able to put the boat in.

  • 7

    Mormon Reservoir

    4 miles south of Fairfield off US 20 this is another great place to camp, fish, boat and hang out with the family. There are restrooms available as well.

  • 8

    Bell Rapids

    Right off the Snake River 4 miles south of Hagerman. I have never heard of this place but definitely want to check it out

  • 9

    Billingsley Creek (North and South)

    Both of these are located near Hagerman and both have access to boat ramps.

  • 10

    Cedar Draw

    Located 10 miles north of Buhl on US 30, this is another boat ramp to get directly on to the Snake River

  • 11

    Gifford Springs

    Actually this is located 20 miles west of American Falls on Lake Channel Road. Seems like it could be another hidden treasure.

  • 12

    Murtaugh Lake

    2 miles south of Murtaugh on US 30 this place is always a lot of fun. Larger than you would probably think as well.

  • 13

    Lake Walcott

    At the Minidoka Dam in Rupert Lake Walcott is a fun place to go boating and camping. It is easy access to all things outdoors.

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