Perrine Man Press has typically been an online store that has unique Idaho inspired designs. The good news is they now have a store front in Downtown Twin Falls and we are so excited to go shopping!

Perrine Man Press officially opens Wednesday November 18th. Their normal hours of operation will be Wednesday through Saturday. Located at 125 Main Ave West in Downtown Twin Falls you can now see, feel and try on Perrine Man Press' awesome clothing.

According to their website they have Idaho inspired shirts, hoodies, t-shirts, earrings and more! I personally have a couple of their hats and I love them. They have some cute tank tops and even stuff for the kiddos as well. I have thought about getting a mug or two because they are cool and look super sturdy to handle my clumsiness.

According to their website they hand draw all their designs and you can tell they are pretty unique. I am pretty sure you have seen Perrine Man Press' designs around town and you may not even know it. The iconic bearded man with sunglasses and a beanie on is their signature look and I see him everywhere.

With their official store front opening up the one thing that I am most afraid of is spending all of my money because their stuff is so cool and so Idaho.

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