If you've never heard of the CINNAMON CHALLENGE, it's a YouTube phenomenon.  And we're going to go all "local news" on you for a second and tell you . . . it's the latest trend that could hurt your children.

In the cinnamon challenge, you try to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon.  That's it.  But it's virtually impossible and everyone ends up choking, gagging, and crying.  And some of them wind up hospitalized.

According to the CBS 2 - Greensboro and  the panicked media, in 2011, poison control centers nationwide got 51 calls because of people who had trouble breathing after taking the cinnamon challenge.  So far this year, it's already up to 139 cases in just three months.

The big risk with swallowing cinnamon is that it gets into your lungs and causes breathing problems.  And if you have asthma, it can trigger an attack.  And that is dangerous.

So . . .  don't swallow cinnamon.  Just watch all the YouTube videos of other idiots trying to swallow cinnamon.