Traveling is one of the true joys in life. Getting to see other cultures, and climates, and seeing the world is something that many of us thrive to do. Sometimes the places we visit live up to the hype, while other times a destination may disappoint. They can disappoint for different reasons, such as being too crowded, boring, not what your expectations were, or perhaps the place is weird. That term can mean different things, but we have all been to places that were a little odd and different than we are used to and expected. Each state has a few weird towns, and Idaho is not excluded, but which town in the Gem State is the weirdest?

The Weirdest Town in Idaho

Credit: Idaho Department of Fish and Game
Credit: Idaho Department of Fish and Game

Autoreviewhub recently released a list looking of the weirdest town in each state. According to their list, Preston is the oddest town in all of Idaho. The town may sound a tad familiar, and that is because it is where they filmed the movie 'Napoleon Dynamite.' Preston is a small town of just over five thousand and is located in the southeast part of the state, near the Utah border. Back in the early 2000's many people flocked to the small town to catch a glimpse of where the cult classic movie was filmed, but it has since returned to being a quiet place. Many that have visited or driven through, have said it is on the odd side.

Weird Towns in States that Neighbor Idaho

Credit: Dan Parlante on Unsplash
Credit: Dan Parlante on Unsplash

If you are someone that enjoys visiting weird places or perhaps you want to avoid going through them, it is nice to know where the odd places are in the surrounding states. When it comes to Utah, the weirdest town is down south on the Utah and Arizona border in a town called, Hildale. This place still practices polygamy, and they are not known to be the most welcoming residents. If you are looking to head to the northwest, Washington's weirdest town is Seattle and that shouldn't surprise anyone. In Wyoming, the weirdest town is one that was sold, and only consists of one business. East of Cheyenne is PhinDeli, and you would be forgiven for not realizing it was a town. 

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There are many weird towns in the United States, and some are fun to explore and check out, while others are best remaining avoided. To check out the full list of weird towns in the country and the other states surrounding Idaho, make sure to click the link above. The next time you take a road trip, keep your eyes open and take note of some of the weird towns you happen to stop in or go through. 

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