Idaho Laws That Make You Go "Huh"?
Every state has some strange laws and Idaho is no different. We found some of the most ridiculous laws that make you wonder why they are even a thing, and some you probably broke without realizing it.
Why Do Idahoans Call This a Jockey Box?
I moved to Twin Falls nearly two years ago, and there are still things about this area that continue to surprise me. For example, everyone’s love for Fry Sauce, and how often I see shirtless white guys outside. (Dude, put a shirt on)
Most recently, I’ve come across ano…
Products That Will Be Obsolete
Digital technology has made a lot of things obsolete in the past 20 years, but it's about to get worse.  "Time" magazine has a list of five tech products that will probably die out in the next five years.
Exotic Pets
A lot of people have exotic pets which is fine by me as long as they don't live next to me. I have a rule that if it's not a dog or a cat we can't have it as a pet.
What’s Your Favorite Kind Of Jolly Rancher? [POLL]
All families might not fight over Jolly Ranchers but my family does. It seems like no matter what kind of candy you buy, even M&Ms, one kind of color always gets left behind. My silly mother refuses to eat brown M & Ms and I refuse to eat grape Jolly Ranchers because I swear they tas…
Top 10 Ways You Embarrass Yourself
You probably didn't realize it, but we spend all day walking around HUMILIATED.  According to a new survey, the average person feels embarrassed FOUR TIMES a DAY.  That's 1,460 times a year. Ladbrokes found the the top 10 ways . . . 
1.)  Forgetting someone&apo…
Worried About Money?
You worry about money, I worry about money.  And if you believe The Notorious B.I.G. in "Mo Money, Mo Problems", then people a lot richer than us worry about money too.
At What Age Was The Best Summer of Your Life? [POLL]
Pfizer sponsored a survey from AARP that found the average age for different milestones in people's lives.  Here's what they found out:       
You have your FIRST KISS at age 15. 
You're financially independent from your parents at 22.
Two Women Got into a Brawl over Littering on Earth Day
I just don't think it's in the spirit of Earth Day to fight someone for not being green.  And that's exactly what happened this year.
According to Muncie Star-Press on Sunday, which was Earth Day, 44-year-old Andrea Jane Ginther of Indianapolis was driving through Muncie, Indiana …

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