Silverhawk Aviation’s plan is simple: see some of the remarkable landmarks around Twin Falls from the air in a 25 minute helicopter tour. On Friday, May 20th, 95.7 KEZJ’s Terry Morgan, KOOL 96.5’s Nate Bird, and 98.3 The Snake’s Kendra Wolfe got to do just that.

We took off from Joslin Field just after 10am, with Bryant Quigley of Silverhawk Aviation in the pilot’s seat. Traditionally these tours will take off and land from a pad just off Golf Course Road, putting you much closer to the action. The wind was really howling, but quickly we were flying at close to 120 miles per hour over Twin Falls.

Our first stop was the Snake River Canyon. From the air it seems to slice all the way across Southern Idaho. We could see the Perrine Bridge to our right and there was actually a BASE Jumper floating down into the canyon. We actually flew over the ramp Evil Knievel used when he attempted to jump the Snake River Canyon in 1974!

Coming around, we followed the Snake River Canyon and saw the Pillar Falls (I had never actually seen it before!), and from a distance we could already see the mist from Shoshone Falls. The Falls were breathtaking from the air.

Next Bryant took us past Hidden Lakes and on to the city’s namesake, the Twin Falls. From the park, the Falls are very difficult to enjoy, but from the air it was amazing.

Bryant Quigley and Silverhawk Aviation are offering these tours now for the very reasonable price of $50 per person and we can all attest it was very much worth the price. Call Silverhawk Aviation to learn more: (208) 407-8519