To the person who keeps deciding it is fun to mess with my car, this letter is for you. I know you probably don't think it is a big deal, and the damage you are causing isn't really extensive, but it is still super frustrating.

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Most recently, someone decided to wrench on the license plate of my car as if they were trying to rip it off completely. In the past someone has hit and run my car twice, tried to break into the trunk of my car and chipped the paint and used the hood of my car to shoot off fireworks. Now, I don't live in a bad neighborhood. All of these things have happened at different places so it isn't like it's isolated.

Recently, there have been a string of vehicles down my street with bent and warped license plates. It looks like someone went up and down the street picking and choosing vehicles to mess with. I really wish I would have had my car alarm set and had you set it off in the middle of the night.

I know it isn't much damage but I just paid off my car, I haven't outright owned my vehicle even a year yet and now I feel like every time I turn around someone is messing with it. Sure, I just straightened out the license plate, it works just fine, but it still kind of sucks. Thankfully I don't keep anything valuable in my car and this is why.

For those who get enjoyment out of trying to break or breaking other people's things, Karma will come back for you one day. People work hard for what they have, leave it alone.

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