We have reached out to the Hayes family to get more information, but as of right now, this is the information we have found. Maxie's in Twin Falls has officially, quietly, sadly, closed their doors.

UPDATE: We are getting reports that their final day will be April 30th

According to a Facebook post from one of the members of the Hayes family, they stated that Maxie's in Twin Falls has had to close permanently. The building that Maxie's has been operating out of has been for sale for some time now. It appears it has not sold and the family will say goodbye to one of Twin Falls favorite Italian eateries.

Again, we have reached out to the family and as soon as we get more information we will update. As of right now it appears that lack of work force, increasing prices of supplies, and health issues are the cause for the closure. I am unsure what is going to happen to the building now but we do hope that the family has a wonderful retirement and prospers in health and happiness on their next endeavor.

Selfishly, I am incredibly sad that I will be unable to get that fantastic lasagna anymore. It was seriously one of the best things I have ever eaten in my life. Just judging by some of the responses from people in the community, this place holds many memories over the last 66 years that they have operated.

We will miss you Maxie's, so many don't know what they are missing out on now that you aren't here. Prayers and good health to the entire family.

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