It looks like the Wood River Valley may be getting another Snowmagedon. The National Weather Service shared a video of the crazy amount of snow accumulation, and more snow is in the forecast.

US National Weather Service Pocatello Shares Video

The video shows snow piling up to around 2 feet high. The video was from December 10th, and even more snow has been falling. The time-lapse video starts around 5 am and continues until about 6 am the next morning. Nearly two feet of snow fell in that amount of time.

Snow Is Still In The Forecast

All day today, Monday, December 12th, there is snow in the forecast for the Ketchum, Wood River Valley area. Between the snow that fell December 10th through December 11th, more snow today could mean nearly 3 to 4 feet of snow in the area.

Avalanche Threats High, Closing Areas

With the massive amount of snowfall comes the high risk of avalanches. Currently, Galena Summit is closed due to an avalanche. It may be closed for a while. There have been high avalanche conditions for a few weeks now. Make sure you check conditions before going anywhere in the backcountry. Especially if you plan on going snowshoeing or skiing.

Troubles Coming In Spring?

While Idaho definitely needs the snow, it could cause some issues in the spring. A few years back when massive amounts of snow like this fell, there was a pretty significant amount of flooding. Homes were destroyed. Hopefully, that will not be the case this coming spring. But Idaho definitely needs the snowfalls. Hoping this means a good upcoming year for farmers.

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