The first round of Mexican Restaurants went really well, so now for the next round of brackets we are doing diners in Twin Falls. This isn't meant to be easy and this is going to be a tough decision.

First let me start by announcing top 8 Mexican restaurants according to our recent bracket: Janitzios, La Fiesta, Don Juans, El Toro, Tacos Villa, Cafe Rio, 9 Beans and Costa Vida are still in their respective bracket.

For the Diner side of the bracket we have a ton of great options. Remember we are putting them up against each other bracket tournament style so vote for your favorites so far and we will start dwindling them down to see which restaurant will ultimately win best restaurant in Twin Falls.

This particular side of the bracket I think is the hardest for me. Sure, I love all our Mexican restaurant options but there is something about the diner experience in Twin Falls that makes these decisions particularly hard for me. I am going to be sad to see any of these places go. But so is the world of bracket tournaments.

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Some restaurants that may not have made the bracket was not intentional. Please don't take any of these choices personally. It was created randomly. Also, if there is a diamond in the rough that we missed please feel free to let us know. We are always looking for new and amazing food options in the area.

Good luck to Diners, coming up later this week will be Steak House/Misc category. That one will be fun too.

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