The Magic Valley Beer Festival will return this year at Twin Falls City Park with the addition of VIP tickets. This event is so much fun every year and if you like to attend, you may want to upgrade to the VIP experience.

The general admission tickets are $30 a piece, you can get a designated driver ticket for $10 and this year with the VIP tickets they are $75 but they include a VIP only tent and one hour early entrance to the park. The VIP also comes with a limited edition 16 ounce pint, food (hello), and VIP only beers. It actually comes with unlimited beer as well. It took me a second to realize that the general admission tickets aren't unlimited, and I think that is because I can never use up all of my tickets, I give a bunch of them away before the end of the event.

The event is going to be August 7th from 1 pm until 6 pm at the Twin Falls City Park on Shoshone Street. Also if you get the VIP ticket one person will be able to win a 2012 bottle of Westvleteren, which I have no idea what it is I had to look it up, and a matching goblet. Pretty cool. There are also only about 50 tickets available so if you want a VIP ticket you might want to get one now.

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