Oh man a truck that looks just like "Tow-Mater" from the movie "Cars" is for sale in Mountain Home. The problem is, his soul is missing. The character and charisma is still there though.

If you have ever seen the Disney Pixar movie "Cars" you are probably familiar with the tow truck named "Tow-Mater" voiced by comedian Larry the Cable Guy. The vehicle is inspired by the 1956-1957 International Harvester Tow Truck. Now this vehicle that is for sale doesn't have the tow on the back of it but it sure looks like it could be retired "Mater".

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The vehicle for sale is actually a 1953 Chevrolet UKN, which I don't actually know anything about but it is pretty interesting. On Facebook it is listed as the 1953 body with a 1974 frame with no engine or tranny. So the vehicle can't move but with some extra love it could work pretty good. Breathe some life into it.

The truck is listed for $3,700 dollars and it has an automatic transmission. They say the title is clean and there is no significant damage or problems, except maybe the fact that there is no engine or transmission in it. There is quite a bit of rust but I think the right person would definitely put the elbow grease into it to make this thing sparkle. I wish I had any talent with building vehicles at all because I would attempt to take it on in a heartbeat.


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