The CSI Reptile Revue is every first and third Tuesday at 6pm at the Herrett Center. It doesn't even cost anything! Next one is on the 16th. Who's with me?

My husband needs this immersive therapy every chance he can go. Not that he WOULD go, but he needs to. In the 15 years we've been married, the closest he's come to touching a lizard is 20ft away. I even had to catch one under the bed before he would come in the room to go to sleep. Perhaps if my 13yr old daughter holds oneand hands it to him..... ya, that won't work either.

Well, perhaps you can get the family to do better than mine. It's kid friendly. Perhaps if future husbands come into contact when they're young, they won't hide in the kitchen until you can get the little Horny Toad out of the fireplace.

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