Prom is a magical experience and time that most of us look back on fondly. Yes, it cost a lot of money for a dress, a tux, dinner, and the whole experience, but it is a night you will never forget. There is a lot of prep and within a few hours it is over, but the pictures and memories last a lifetime. While some people have amazing memories of prom, for others it isn't looked back as fondly. Sometimes things go bad and the night doesn't go as planned. At one Idaho High School Prom things took a turn when sparks flew, leaving a couple of people injured and police asking questions.

Firework Goes Off at Idaho High School Prom

Last weekend at the Madison High School prom in Rexburg, a firework went off during the event, leaving 2 people with minor injuries. The good news is that nobody was severely hurt, but it has led to an investigation by police as to what exactly happened and who threw the firework into the prom. You can watch the video above and see that smoke began to fill the area, right before a firework began shooting off in multiple directions, leading to students running for safety and covering up. There are a few kids that look calm and collected, while others scatter from the explosive. 

High School Prank Goes Too Far

Credit: Shayna Douglas on Unsplash
Credit: Shayna Douglas on Unsplash

The incident was likely intended to be an innocent high school prank but was not thought through. Many of us were a part of silly high school pranks when we were seniors or have witnessed our fair share at least, but ones like these cross a line and put lives in danger. What was supposed to be a night these kids would never forget, turned into just that, but in a much different way than many of them anticipated. Pulling off a prank is one thing, but when it puts others at risk, it stops being funny and can become a severe situation. 

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Many teens hope to feel and see fireworks on prom night, but somehow I think they aren't hoping to literally feel and see them. The teens from Madison will surely never forget their prom, and have a great story to tell years from now, especially knowing nobody was severely hurt. If you ever get the urge to throw a firework into a building full of people, don't. The video is proof of the panic that will follow, and why it isn't a good idea.

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