Odd are you have been hearing explosions going off all week long, and are tired of hearing them. The good news is they should all be done or close to it in the next day or two. Many will be thrilled to be able to sleep through the night once more and not hear booms through the night, while others will miss seeing the free show every night. While fireworks are a joy to watch through the holiday, they also cause some damage, and not all fireworks were used to entertain this past week.

Fireworks Destroy Dumpster in Magic Valley

Credit: Celeste
Credit: Celeste

While fireworks can be fun, and most of us have misused them from time to time in our youth, typically damage didn't occur. From time to time, accidents happen and damage happens, such as catching a field on fire or a tarp, but other times, people cause damage that is beyond an accident and is easily avoidable. This past week, someone misused their fireworks and decided to use them on a dumpster, leaving damage beyond what is acceptable and destroying the structure. It serves as a reminder that despite being fun, fireworks in the wrong hands can leave lasting damage. 

Firework Damage in the Magic Valley

Credit: Celeste
Credit: Celeste

If you have any fireworks left over, they should be shot off by the end of the night, although some will continue to ignore the rules and shoot them off through the weekend. Don't be like these people and make poor choices and be destructive. With how dry the conditions have been, it doesn't take much to start a fire and do more damage than intended. Be safe, be smart, and obey the rules. 

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If you don't know what to do with the rest of your fireworks, there are ways you can dispose of them. If you plan on keeping them, find a safe place to store them. Whatever you do, find a safe place to shoot them off when you do decide to set them off, and far away from any dumpsters, cars, or anything that can be damaged by your explosives. 

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