If you have ever been on a diet you have probably had a cheat day here and there. Some people would argue that a cheat day is OK. I think it's how much you "cheat" that really matters. Yesterday I cheated WAY too much but, it wasn't entirely my fault. I started out on track with my delicious egg whites but, then I ate a BUCKET of popcorn at the movies, fruit snacks followed by chocolate candy. When I got home my neighbor had brought me delicious butterscotch cookies so I ate half a dozen of those. Ugh! To ensure this doesn't happen again I have complied a list that will help me stay on track.

22 Ways To Stay on Track, according to Web MD 

  1. Drink Plenty of Water
  2. Be choosey about midnight snacks
  3. Enjoy your favorite foods
  4. Eat several mini meals
  5. Eat protein at every meal
  6. Eat spicy food
  7. Keep junk food out of your house
  8. Order children's portions at restaurants
  9. Swap vegetables for pasta
  10. Always eat breakfast
  11. Include fiber in your diet
  12. Get fattening foods out of your house
  13. Lose weight slowly
  14. Weigh yourself once a week
  15. Get enough sleep
  16. Understand portion sizes
  17. Eat more fruits and vegetables
  18. Limit alcohol
  19. Chew sugarless gum
  20. Keep a food diary
  21. Celebrate success
  22. Get help from friends and family