When someone goes out to eat for dinner, picking a spot can often be tough. There are many things to consider, such as types of food, location, wait time, and price. There are certain restaurants that none of these matter. If a place is good enough, you are willing to spend more, wait a little longer, drive further, and typically these are for special occasions. Going out to eat can be pricey, and as the economy has changed, it seems it has gotten more expensive in the last few years. Due to the cost and different generations, fewer people go out to eat than they used to. One important decision when it comes to eating out is that customers are expected to tip the server, but there are times to tip more, and times to perhaps not tip at all or less than expected.

When to Tip in California

Credit: Nerthuz
Credit: Nerthuz

Living in California is expensive, and between gas, bills, groceries, and clothes, there often isn't much left over. Being able to give a nice tip isn't always an option, but when there is good service it should be rewarded. When you choose to go out and eat, you have already accepted spending money, and the server shouldn't have to suffer. Some servers will be on their phone and be lousy servers, but when someone is working hard, especially on a busy night or afternoon, they deserve to be compensated. Typically the rule of thumb is to double the tax or 15 percent, but good service should be rewarded a little more, especially because it is tough to find these days. 

When Not to Tip in California

Credit: 2002lubava1981
Credit: 2002lubava1981

Despite everyone expecting tips these days, they shouldn't be an expectation but earned. If a server is sitting around talking to coworkers, on their phone, or not checking on your table, especially if it isn't busy, they should see their tip dwindle every minute, and potentially disappear altogether. If you have no water, your food is cold, and the meal has taken far too long to arrive, then you have a case to make for not tipping, or giving them the minimum you are comfortable with. There are things out of the server's control, and if a restaurant is crowded, they are the only server you consistently see and they have little help, or they are working hard but having an off night, don't hold it against them. 

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Taking the situation into account is a key part of how much to tip or not tip. There are times when the server is not the problem, but the establishment is, and it seems unfair to punish them. There are also times, that the food industry expects tips, but doesn't put in the work or effort, and that is not how tips are supposed to work. Everyone in California works hard for their money, and nobody should have to tip for bad service, but when service is excellent, it deserves to be rewarded, especially in today's society. 

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