What would you do? What would you do if you had a child in the hospital but still had work and other kids to take care of? It is a parent's worst nightmare to have a child in the hospital, and having to balance out time isn't always easy. There are options on how to best handle the solution, and neither is right or wrong. If you are planning to take a trip the same week, how does that affect what you do? What if you have no paid time off? Being there for a child that is sick, especially fighting for their life, is vital, but how do you balance out being there, working, with other kids, and still taking care of yourself all at the same time? What would you do?

Kids in the Hospital

Credit: mvaligursky
Credit: mvaligursky

Having a child in the hospital is the worst, as it puts stress on a parent, is emotionally draining, and physically draining. No parent wants to see their child sick enough to be in the hospital, but it also forces adjustments to be made. If you don't have any time off from work, it can be tough to sacrifice a paycheck, but being there for your child is a must. If you have other kids, finding out ways to make sure they get where they need to be, are being fed, and are taken care of is a priority, as likely one parent will be stuck in the hospital with the sick child. If you are a single parent, this becomes an even tougher situation to manage. 

Managing Sick Kids in Idaho

Credit: monkeybusinessimages
Credit: monkeybusinessimages

Finding a way to balance out time to be there for your sick child and spouse, while also making money for your family and supporting the other children can be a tough task. In an ideal situation, you take time off, take care of the kids, and then spend the rest of the time at the hospital with your sick child, but for many that isn't an option. Your mind and heart aren't likely in work, as you are worried about your child, but when you are showing up, you are expected to do everything your job requires. It can make things tough, and drain a person, which is why it is worth asking, is it better to be at work, or to be at the hospital and deal with the money situation later? 

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This is a tough situation that no parent or family wants to be in, but with so many illnesses flying around right now, if someone has a little one, they may need assistance fighting some of the nasty viruses in the Magic Valley. If you find yourself in a similar situation, do you take off work, do you adjust your schedule, or what would you do?

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