Having a baby is an exciting time. There is another life in your house, you have a precious tiny human, and life will never be the same. Yes, you will lose sleep from crying, and you will feel like a cow if you are breast feeding, but it is all worth it. While it is supposed to be exciting to have a baby, and you look forward to raising them for 18 years, there is also a lot of scariness that comes with having a child. SIDS is a thing and is something no parent should experience, but is there a way to avoid it and save your child's life? There is, and all parents should know about it.

What is SIDS and How to Avoid It

Credit: noipornpan
Credit: noipornpan

For those unfamiliar with SIDS, it stands for sudden infant death syndrome. This is when there is a sudden death of a child under the age of one-year-old that after an investigation, no cause of death can be determined. Sadly, this happens too often and many families are left heartbroken from the loss of their child for reasons they may never know. There are about 1,000 cases of SIDS in the United States each year. The scary thing about it is that it can happen instantly and there are no warning signs or anything a parent can do. It is every new parent's worst nightmare. Is there a way to detect or stop it though? Perhaps there is, and if parents aren't aware of it, they should be. To find out more about SIDS, click the link above. 

Baby Socks Can Be Life-Saving

Credit: FamVeld
Credit: FamVeld

Baby socks can be a lifesaver, but a little pricey. No, these aren't socks that go over the baby's feet to keep them warm but are a high-tech sock that every parent should be given when they have a child. The Owlet Baby Sock could be the difference between losing a child to SIDS and watching them graduate high school, and college, and become an adult. The sock goes over the foot and monitors a baby's heart rate, oxygen level, how many times they wake up through the night, and how many hours they sleep. This allows parents to get a good night's sleep without fear of losing their child and monitors the baby in a way that you can't. Different types of socks monitor different things, but you can attach them to your phone to track your child, and if the oxygen drops, the heart rate drops, or something goes wrong, it will sound an alarm. This is when you run to your child and perhaps call 9-1-1 or find a sock that has come unattached. To learn more about the Owlet sock, make sure to click the link above. 

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It is a shame that these socks are as expensive as they are, as insurance should cover these for all new mothers. With the technology to save lives and to help put parents' minds at ease, it is silly a thing like money could cost a baby that has many years to live if they are monitored correctly. If you are expecting or know someone who is, make sure they know about these socks, because it could save their child's life.

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