California residents have many challenges they face. Some are brought on by nature, some by politics, and some challenges are caused by other people. Plenty of those issues are out of the control of an everyday human. There is one particular issue that people can address on their own.

Addiction to technology, and screens in particular is real. Between shopping, gaming, social media, and streaming, the average person spends around 7 hours on a screen every day. That’s more time than many people spend working or sleeping.

People Ignore the Science Behind Problems With Tech

There are physical consequences to the overuse of screens in everyday life. Looking down at smartphones is causing chiropractic issues including rounded shoulders, and neck pain from slouching, and can even affect breathing. Too much screen time has been linked to eye strain and migraines. Hands get text thumb and arms get cell phone elbow.

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There are other factors to the overuse of technology that make being a human difficult. Too much time with technology can affect stress, creativity, focus, and mental health. Without a screen in front of them, so many people would talk to one another, focus on conversations and life outside of their screen, and find time for many activities there didn’t seem to be enough room for in their lives.

What States Are Looking Away from Tech to Connect With the World?

States taking a tech break
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Many states are recognizing that tech has a place, but it shouldn’t be at the forefront. Idaho is one of the states looking to unplug and connect IRL (In Real Life). While California feels no such compunction, coming in 4th as least likely to take a tech break.

California Feels No Pressure To Take a Tech Break

Evidently, California doesn’t mind spending money on extra trips to the chiropractor, ophthalmologist, cardiologist, and psychiatrist on top of all the online shopping they don't think they should cut back on.

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How many things could be done if we looked away from a screen for 3 hours less per day? Trips to the park could include parents talking with other people as their children run and play. People could make lifelong friends sitting poolside on vacation. Dogs and their owners could get plenty more walks to get healthier.

Yes, there is irony in the fact that technology was used in both the making and reading of this article. Cut back, don't cut off.

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