If you have ever been curious about the historical figures that are buried in Twin Falls, now is your chance to get all the dirt on the people in the cemetery. The Twin Falls Cemetery is putting on historical tours again.

According to the Facebook notification, the historic tour will be on Saturday October 23rd from 11 am to 5 pm. The event is being hosted by Twin Falls Rotary After Hours.

What happens on this tour:

You will be joined by characters like I.B. Perrine, Lyda Southard (also known as Lady Bluebeard) and even civil war veterans. These characters will tell you all about the history and their stories. You will be able to check out the gravesites and see where these people lay to rest.

When is it?

Saturday October 23rd from 11 am to 5 pm you will be able to tour the historic cemetery and get all the information you could want about how Twin Falls began and the way life was for the people who lived here in the past.

Ticket prices:

Right now the ticket pricing information on their website at www.rotaryafterhours.com does not work but we will update as soon as we get more information on ticket pricing and how to purchase tickets. In the meantime you can watch the awesome promotional video on their website explaining everything you need to know before you decide if this event is right for you.

It looks like so much fun I am going to have to go and hear all about it.

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