The Badger Fire destroyed almost 100 thousand acres in the South Hills. Although progress has been made both naturally and with the help of people, there is still a lot of work to do to get it back to a flourishing camping area. You can help.

How You Can Help Restore the South Hills

On Saturday, October 16th, Idaho Fish and Game along with Sawtooth National Forest partnered together to plant over 20 thousand sagebrush and bitterbrush plants in the Badger Fire Burn Area. That means they are going to need some help planting those plants. So they are looking for volunteers for this massive project.

How do I volunteer?

If you would like to help you can call the Idaho Fish and Game department at 208-324-4359 to sign up and get all the specifics on where to meet, time and location of the plant areas.

How will this help us?

Well not only is it going to help make the area thrive again after so much destruction, it will help with big game. Those animals want to come eat the sagebrush and bitterbrush in the South Hills and if you want big game animals to continue to frequent the area, this is a great way to help. Whether you like to hunt in the area or you just like seeing cool critters, it helps everyone.

So if you have nothing going on October 16th this sounds like something you might want to consider doing with the family.

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