No, it is not too early to start talking about Christmas events around the area. In Downtown Twin Falls, one of the most magical events is taking place once again. The Festival of Lights Parade is a Christmas event no one should miss.

Festival of Lights Parade 2022

The Festival of Lights Parade is Friday, December 9th in Downtown Twin Falls. Main Street gets blocked off for one of the most beautiful parades of the year. Tons of people come together to light up their Christmas floats and spread some holiday cheer as they travel down Main in Downtown Twin Falls. A lot of businesses hand out not only candy but the occasional Christmas surprise. The parade starts at 6 pm and there will be tons of people lining the streets to watch.

What To Expect At the Festival Of Lights

You might want to get down there early so you can get a good spot. The road will be closed so you will have to find parking elsewhere and walk to Main. The parade ends at Downtown Commons where they are going to do the Christmas tree lighting ceremony. There is usually the ice skating rink open and available as well.

Some Suggestions For The Parade

Make sure you bundle up, it can get really cold standing there. Maybe get yourself some dinner at one of the local restaurants as you watch the parade. Be ready for a lot of people around you. Most importantly be prepared for a lot of fun and a lot of lights

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