I know a lot of people don't give the Farmers Almanac a second glance because it is extended forecasting that is even more difficult to predict than every day stuff. However, according to the predictions, Idaho is in store for a snowy winter.

The almanac explained that even though last year we had a pretty mild winter when it comes to snow, we should expect above normal snowfall in Idaho. That goes for a large portion of the area. Extra snow should be expected for the Dakotas, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Washington and Oregon as well. So basically the north west is expecting higher than normal snowfall.

Snowy periods and cold temperatures are expected mid October but let's hope that they are correct when it comes to temperatures around Halloween looking like showers but sunny and then maybe some warm temps. That would be nice!

The rest of September we may be looking at warmer temperatures in the southern area which I am totally ok with. The average temperature in September is looking to be about 65 degrees which is apparently above average. Again, all things I am ok with.

And again I know that a lot of people don't believe anything about the Farmer's Almanac, but that is ok. It is at least something to look at feel like we can get prepared for something. I kind of hope it is wrong.

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Temperature during summer day

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