2nd South Market in Twin Falls will be the first food hall in Idaho located where the old Salvation Army Thrift Store used to be on 2nd Avenue. They are announcing businesses that will be in that location as they get filled. Their newest addition will be CloverLeaf Creamery.

CloverLeaf Creamery is based out of Buhl and they have some of the best ice cream, butter, cheese and other dairy products I have ever had. You can find places to purchase their milk and yogurt around Twin Falls but we are incredibly excited that we can now get a full range of their menu. Sure, Buhl isn't a far drive and the ice cream and dairy products are definitely worth the drive, but now it looks like we won't have to.

The 2nd South Market will now officially have Smokey Bone and CloverLeaf Creamery in their location. There is still no definite date when the food hall is going to open but we will keep you posted as soon as we know. With everything going on it will be nice to have a place like this open so we can start to socialize and get back to normal.

Rumor has it there will also be a beer and wine bar in there and more vendors will hopefully be announced soon. Just another thing to look forward to this summer.

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