Most Magic Valley families like to eat out, and most families are on a budget. So, it is important to note which Twin Falls food chains are the least expensive to eat at.

If you love pizza, you will be excited to know that in a new study from Yahoo Finance, on average Little Caesar's is the cheapest fast food chain you can eat at. Thanks to their standard $5 pizzas, it only costs an average of $3.86 per person to eat there.  That's got to be even cheaper than cooking at home.

The rest of the top five cheapest are:

  • McDonald's, at $4.72 per person
  • Sonic, at $4.84
  • Burger King, at $4.99

For sit-down restaurants:

  • Red Robin is the cheapest, at an average of $12.17 per person.
  • Applebee's is second, at $12.42.

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