Sunday Brunch needs to be a tradition everywhere. Brunch is one of the all-time best meals out there. And when I think of brunch, there is so much more to think about than just the food. The brunch cocktails make the experience. Here are some of the best places to get brunch in Twin Falls.

Disclaimer: These are not in any particular order, it isn't ranked

Milner's Gate

Their brunch is pretty awesome. I had their eggs benedict and they have mimosas and bloody marys. Everything about Milner's brunch is pretty great. They have some amazing breakfast potatoes as well.

The GR

The Ground Round has awesome food in general but their brunch is top notch. Their hashbrowns are fantastic, the gravy on their biscuits is killer, it is overall just great. Plus, a great drink selection.


The Anchor doesn't have a specific brunch menu, but they do have a special on their big bloody Mary that is basically a meal and a drink all in one. Plus, mimosas and delicious food. I highly recommend the ahi tuna tacos. I get it every time.


This place is new and I haven't had the pleasure of snagging some of that food just yet, but the menu looks, killer. And if you follow them on social media, the food looks amazing as well. Plus, great drink selections, they are a gastropub after all.

Idaho Joe's

Man their food just screams homemade with love. You won't be disappointed by their delicious brunch. Take some pie to go home as well. I have never had a bad meal here and I don't think I ever will.


Four words: fruity pebbles french toast. Need I say more? They specialize in all things breakfast and lunch so you know it is amazing. The chicken biscuits and gravy are so good. I had never tried something like that before and they did not disappoint.

Buffalo Cafe

You can't have a breakfast story without Buffalo Cafe in it. Buffalo Cafe has some of the best breakfasts I have ever tasted. They are super friendly, the food is on point, the only bad thing about it is the struggle finding a place to sit because it is so good everyone wants to be there.


Norm's is in the same boat as Buffalo Cafe. You can't talk about breakfast or brunch without also including Norms. Their food is always on point. Cafe style made with love that you can taste. Again, the only bad thing is you can't get in because everyone is there.

Depot Grill

Depot Grill is a staple around Twin Falls. You haven't had a Twin Falls breakfast if you haven't had breakfast or brunch at the Depot Grill. So fabulous.


These bonuses are due to the fact that the brunch is killer but they technically aren't in Twin Falls

Guppies Hot Rod Grille

Seriously, I was so sad when they went to Kimberly but I am so happy about their success. That food is divine and definitely worth the 2-minute drive to get there. Everything is fresh, adventurous, and overall just good stuff.

T & T Cafe

They are located in Hansen, so technically not Twin Falls but definitely worth the 3-minute drive. Their Sunday Brunch is something you definitely don't want to miss. Freshest of fruits and vegetables, and delicious food. Plus, mimosas!

The Snug Bar and Grill

Located in Eden, they are bringing back their Sunday Brunch on October 3rd. Before I ever heard anything about Eden, I heard about Sunday Brunch at the Snug. Delicious food. Fresh fruits, and down-home delicious cooking.

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