The Badger Fire scorched nearly 90 thousand acres of land in the South Hills. We are starting to get a bigger picture as to which structures, campsites and recreation areas have been hit the hardest.

According to some information by the Twin Falls Sheriff's Office, Bostetter and Father's and Sons camp grounds are destroyed. The outhouses did not make it and it is pretty much in the center of the burn area. The guard station near Bostetter thankfully did survive.

The campsites along Rock Creek Road did not survive either unfortunately. The trees and bridges around the area were also lost. Fortunately Ross Falls did survive and both the upper and Lower Penstamon are untouched.

The Hummmingbird Sanctuary also appears to be ok though I have not gotten official word just yet. Some reports are indicating that it is ok.

There are a few campsites at Third Fork that managed to make it though judging by some of the photos shared by the Twin Falls Sheriff's Office, it doesn't look like there is much left for shade and recreation.

The building at Schipper Campground survived but the bridge at Herrington Fork did not make it. The fire crews were able to save FS Flats and Diamondfield Jack appears to be ok for now as well.

Let's hope things get better and not worse. Huge shout out to the firefighters and crews helping try to preserve as much as possible.

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Badger Fire

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