It is advised by fire alarm companies and firefighters alike to change batteries in smoke alarms every 6 months. Though it can be done every 6 months on any reminder chosen, most people use when time changes to Daylight Saving as a way to remind themselves to do this forgettable chore. If they don’t make it a habit, the annual ‘chasing of the beep’ can occur. Never a fun activity at 2:30 AM.

What Should Happen With Your Smoke Alarm Every 6 Months?

Changing the batteries isn’t the only thing coming up for our smoke alarm. After a battery change, most people push the button to test if the alarm is working. But that just checks if the sound is working. The unknown chore is a check of the smoke detector sensor. A recently burned match under the detector should cause the alarm to sound. Who knew?

What Else is Supposed to Be on the Every 6-Month Checklist?

Your dentist isn’t there for the times you need a filling. To prevent small problems from becoming big ones, a cleaning every 6 months is recommended. Most dental insurances cover a cleaning every 6 months, but even without insurance, a cleaning will save plenty in the future.

Bathroom fans are generally ignored unless they look dirty, make squeaky noises, or stop working. These unsung heroes could use a little love and a quick checkup a couple of times a year. There can be mold lurking in the nooks and crannies and you don’t even think about it. Give ‘em a good once-over semi-annually on the cover and mechanical parts inside.

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It is a recommendation somewhere in the deepest, darkest pages of the refrigerator owner’s manual. The condenser coils should be cleaned to keep the fridge cooling efficiently. Pull it from the wall and unplug it, then vacuum the coils (then plug it back in and move it back into place. Did that have to be said? Sigh). A few minutes without power won’t hurt the food, and your refrigerator will purr away for another 6 months and not cost as much.

Since you’re in the kitchen anyway, why not pull out the hood's filters over the stove and give them a good cleaning? There are degreasing cleaning products, but dish soap can be used as well. Hot water, scrubbing, and allowing it to dry is all it takes for 6 months of freedom.

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You don't have to do all of these things at the same time, maybe one per month. Then start the cycle all over again.

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My wife asked if she could have some peace and quiet while she cooked dinner. I took the batteries out of the smoke alarm.

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