Fall is here and it finally feels like it. It means that days of running the air conditioner are over, the days of getting firewood are approaching, and that mowing the lawn is a thing of the past. As the season goes on the tasks around the house and the neighborhood change, and it is important that while many of us won't be outside as much anymore, there are still good ways to be a neighbor this fall when you are working outdoors and see them in passing. 

Being a Good Fall Neighbor in Twin Falls

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While mowing grass might not be as important anymore, that doesn't mean yard work is entirely done. Trees are beginning to see their leaves change colors, and as they do will begin to pile up in driveways and yards. As fun as it is to use a leafblower and send it into the street or your neighbor's yard, that isn't the best way to go about it. Make sure to rake up the leaves and keep them from entering their yard or from going into the streets. If you want to be an extra nice neighbor, you can offer to help elderly neighbors or neighbors in need if they would like you to rake theirs as well. 

Fall Chores in Twin Falls

Credit: vkbhat
Credit: vkbhat

Outside of the obvious leaves, another chore you can do, that you can assist your neighbors in as well, is getting firewood for the winter. If you have a neighbor who needs help stacking it, you can offer a hand, as well as helping them put up Halloween or fall decorations. There are plenty of ways to be neighborly, and offering assistance in these little tasks can go a long way in making your life and theirs more enjoyable. Hopefully, you have neighbors who will offer to help you and it can become a community event getting everyone's wood stacked, leaves racked, and the neighborhood looking festive.

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You don't have to do any of the above, but if you'd like to have peace in the neighborhood and help better your reputation, it might be a good idea. In turn, you may get help in the future when you need it. Of course, you could always stay inside and ignore all of your neighbors, but that is what winter is for. These are the final days you may interact until spring.

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