While it took a bit to finally feel like Fall, the wind has picked up, the temperatures have dropped, and the leaves have changed and begun to fall to the ground. While Autumn has just truly begun, there have already been sights of snow in the Magic Valley. Between the leaves falling and the inevitable snow that will make its way into the area in the coming weeks and months, it begs to ask the question, which chore is worse? Is it worse to have to rake the leaves or shovel the snow?

Shoveling Snow vs Raking Leaves in the Magic Valley

Credit: Tutye
Credit: Tutye

When it comes to shoveling snow and raking leaves, neither chore is fun, but each has to be done for a different reason. There are pros and cons to both, but for the most part, nobody enjoys doing them. Yes, the kids like them because they can jump in the leaves or the big pile you have thrown your snow onto, but sometimes that can add to more work. As fall continues to roll on and it is time to stop mowing and start raking and soon shoveling, which is truly worse? Fall lasts shorter than winter, meaning the leaves isn't a chore you repeat through the year as much, but using a shovel is more successful and easier than a rake. 

Which is Worst? Shoveling or Raking?

Gardener raking leaves on soil at autumn, outdoors
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Shoveling snow can be a burden because you can do it multiple times in a day and a week. You may shovel your sidewalk or driveway, to find out that it has been covered again a few hours later. Raking leaves usually takes one time, maybe two depending on when you do it. The problem with raking is that leaves on rocks, gravel, woodchips, and other grounds not made of grass, can make it tough to get every leaf. With snow, it is easy to get everything in one take. The wind plays a factor as well. If the wind blows while shoveling, it won't mess up your task, but if the wind blows while raking, you may find yourself frustrated and starting over multiple times. Jump into a pile of leaves and watch your work be undone. Jump into a pile of snow you've made, and the job waits for you to return. 

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After thinking it over, the verdict is that raking leaves is worse since with a rake you are likely to miss a few leaves, as well as Idaho winds are unpredictable, as well as children jumping into them. While one time may get the job done, compared to multiple times shoveling this winter, that one time can take hours if different obstacles cause it too. It may feel like you spent more time raking than shoveling come spring. Both may be a burden, but in the end, give me snow, just please don't give me leaves.

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