We all love the summer months, but let's face it, some days the heat is just too much to handle. But you don't have to retreat to your basement or camp out in the freezer section of the grocery store to stop the perspiration in its tracks.

The Magic Valley has plenty of activities to do and places to visit that keep you out enjoying life without worrying about the threat of heat stroke. Let's take a look at the best places to cool off in the Magic Valley.

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    Dierkes Lake

    Purchased in 1969, Dierkes Lake is just above world-famous Shoshone Falls and is the perfect place to take your family to swim, fish, picnic, or just cool off.Dierkes features benches, biking, drinking fountains, electricity, fishing, grills, picnic tables, playground equipment, restrooms, swimming, and trails. What more could you ask for?

    The gate fee is $3.00, but that gets you access to Dierkes Lake and Shoshone Falls. That's a steal in our book. To get there go three miles east on Falls Avenue, 1 ¼ miles north on 3300 East.

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    Orange Leaf Yogurt

    715 Blue Lakes Blvd N, Twin Falls | (208) 944-9276

    Orange Leaf Yogurt is a great place to cool off during the heat and enjoy a heaping cup of frozen yogurt. You can make your yogurt any way you want, using as many toppings as you like. And the bright orange and green decor just makes Orange Leaf fun!

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    Shoshone Ice Caves

    1561 N. Hwy 75, Shoshone | (208) 886-2058

    Sometimes the best way to hide from the sun is to make like an ostrich and bury your head underground, or your whole body if you can manage. This task becomes a lot easier with the Shoshone Ice Caves. 16 miles north of Shoshone,  this historic lava tube is cold enough to freeze the subterranean water in it all year long, even in the summer months. Bring a jacket and learn about the historic, geologic, and volcanic background of this natural wonder while staying nice and cool.

    Guided tours are available from May to September 8:00 AM-7:15 PM. Adults are $8.00, Seniors are $7.00, Children 4-12 are $5.00, and Children 3 and under are free.

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    2100 Kimberly Rd., Twin Falls | 208-734-5455

    Love tearing up the pavement with your blades but it's just too dang hot? Take your fun indoors at Skateland! You can bring your own rollerblades or skates or rent theirs. Enjoy this great pastime while indulging in that well-beloved modern convenience, air/conditioning.

    They are open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 1:00 PM-4:00 PM for $4.00/person; Wednesday evening 7:00 PM-9:30 PM for Family Night, $4.00/person or $12.00/family of 6; and Friday and Saturday evening 7:00 PM-10:30PM for $6.00/person. Rollerblades and speed skates are available for $2.00 more. Call to schedule a private party on Tuesday and Thursday or any time they aren't open during regular hours.

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    Twin Falls Swimming Pool

    756 Locust St. N. Twin Falls | (208) 733-4384 ext 4

    When you just can't cool off any other way, it's time to take the plunge. Throw yourself into the drink at the Twin Falls Swimming Pool!

    This outdoor 50 meter pool is operated and managed by the YMCA... and is magnificent. There is truly no better way to cool off in the summer than taking a swim.


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