Another day another store closed in Twin Falls. There seems to be a theme of stores coming into Twin Falls lasting a year or two and then closing their doors and moving on. It is baffling to continue to see it happen, and there is no consistency on why they close. Local stores, chains, big stores, small stores, fast food, retail, it doesn't matter the business, all of them have come and gone for one reason or another. Another business will move in and try to have success where the old ones have closed, and it has many scratching their heads on if something new can succeed. We wave goodbye to another business that gave Twin Falls a try, as they join the long list of businesses to do so.

Craftsman in Twin Falls Closes

Credit: Agustin Fernandez on Unsplash
Credit: Agustin Fernandez on Unsplash

Sadly, Twin Falls lost another business recently, with the closure of Craftsman Unlimited Haircuts. Craftsman was located at 1159 Addison Avenue East, next to Boot Barn, and offered haircuts, but was so much more than that. They offered memberships and had a pool table, basketball court, and loyal customers. It was a unique haircutting experience, and something different, but unfortunately, they were forced to close and the building currently sits vacant. What will fill it will be determined, but with the gun shop, Boot Barn, and Albertsons all in the same area, the location was not the issue. 

Businesses Closing in Twin Falls

Sorry we are closed sign board hanging on a door of cafe

It is becoming too consistent in Twin Falls of stores closing overnight, but how to make it end is tough to figure out. Many people do their shopping online, but as Craftsman proves, it isn't only retail stores that are struggling. You can't get a haircut online, so business should be steady, yet here we are. It must be frightening for business owners looking to expand to Twin Falls or to start up in the area, seeing all the trials and errors of places before them. It is up to the residents of the Magic Valley to support these places, and until they do so, they will continue to close. 

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The trend likely will not end, as more places are likely to close in the coming months. Hopefully, the new places set to open in the next year like ChipotleNatural Grocers, and Shenanigans, will have more success and not meet the same fate. Businesses will continue to seek success in the Magic Valley, the question is will they reverse the trend, or join a growing list of businesses that have come and gone? 

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