There are so many places you can donate to help animals on January 17th. The nationwide movement to commemorate Betty White is happening Monday. If you want to participate we have a list of places you can donate in honor of the late icon.

Betty White was a known animal activist. She adopted cats and dogs and spent lots of time trying to help animals, as much as she could. The nationwide movement to donate just $5 dollars to a local shelter or rescue is gaining steam. We have composed a list of places that you can donate to in honor of Betty White. Any rescues or shelters missed were unintentional. If we did miss some please let us know so we can get it on the list.

  • Twin Falls Animal Shelter - People For Pets
  • Jerome Animal Shelter
  • Gooding County Animal Shelter
  • Minidoka Joint Powers Shelter And Pound
  • Mountain Humane (yes in Hailey and not the Magic Valley but added it anyway)
  • Road To Home Rescue
  • Journey Home Rescue
  • Magic Cats
  • Friends Furever Animal Rescue
  • Broken Hearts Animal Rescue
  • PAWS Rescue
  • Burley Animal Shelter

Again, any shelters or rescued miss was not intentional. We want to get everyone an equal amount of exposure so we can get as many donations as possible. It will be interesting to see how much money is raised on a national level in honor of Betty White. Keep in mind some shelters and rescues may be closed on the 17th due to the holiday. You may have to go online to donate.

Shelters and rescues need more than just money as well. If you want to donate toys, towels, blankets, food, litter, all will be welcome.

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