Restaurants and businesses close down all the time and Twin Falls loves their food. But these five restaurants Twin Falls residents would lose their minds if they closed up shop.

1.) Norm's - Fantastic breakfast and a local staple. You haven't lived a true dining experience in Twin Falls if you haven't been to Norm's. We know lots of people who go here on a weekly, if not daily basis. If they shut down, people would lose their minds.

2.) Buffalo Cafe - it seems like a little hole in the wall place but the food is fantastic, the staff is amazing and the little restaurant is very homey and comforting. Please don't go anywhere!

Courtesy of the Depot Grill

3.) Depot Grill - another great diner that is family run in Downtown Twin Falls. Breakfast is killer and it is almost always packed. Plus a great late night option. If they closed, where would people get their late night homemade meals at 2 a.m.

4.) Black Bear Diner - has only been open a few months but Twin Falls has been buzzing about it since it opened. If they shut down you could hear the cries from Sun Valley

5.) Shari's - great food, great late night option, big portion sizes. People would freak if this place was gone.

Courtesy of Idaho Joe's

6.) Idaho Joe's - If they closed shop, where could I possible get my homemade pie, cake and delicious meal all in one place?!

7.) Idaho Pizza Company - especially since Pizza Hut, Dominoes and Papa Johns don't have the best reputation. If Idaho Pizza Company shut down, there would be no place to get delicious pizza delivered to your door! Stay put!

As far as we know NONE OF THESE PLACES ARE GOING ANYWHERE! So no worries, you can enjoy all the food at any time.

Who do you think we missed?