We have all been guilty of it, complaining too much to the server about something that isn't cooked to our liking. So we decided to flip it, here are 5 things you shouldn't do to your server.

1.) Don't put them in the middle of your "who gets the check" battle. I have seen servers literally drop the check in the middle of the table and watch two people battle it out. It is a nice gesture to make sure someone else doesn't have to pay, but the server shouldn't be part of it, and don't make the tip dependent on it.

2.) Don't yell across the restaurant, "Check" and do the check mark sign in the air. Sometimes people are in a rush, maybe let them know before hand you are on a time constraint, or wave them down but don't be rude about it.

3.) Don't sit there for hours on a busy night after you are done eating with a huge group of people and don't continue to order drinks, dessert, something. That server is living off their tips, that table that you are occupying with 20 other people is taking money out of their pocket. Let me stress, "BUSY NIGHTS", like nights that it is a 20 minute wait just to be seated nights. You can sit there and catch up, just don't do it for several hours after you are completely done and the check has been paid.

4.) Don't take up a table and eat the free bread, get a water, and leave. Again, someone had to work to provide that service to you, don't walk out without paying for anything and if you do, at least leave a tip.

5.) If the server asks if you want anything else, get everything to them that you need in one request. Don't ask for napkins, when they return ask for fry sauce, then when they return ask for a different drink, then when they return ask for lemon in your water. Give them as many requests in one visit as possible. Don't make them run around like crazy.

And remember, these people survive off tips. TIP YOUR SERVER! (some exceptions may apply)

There are some exceptions to all these rules, but for the most part, try to do these and you may get better service. What else did we miss?

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