Let's face it, technology breaks all the time. It is inevitable that the internet will go down again. Some may still not have it. Just remember these things next time something like this happens and you will get through it.

1.) Make sure you have cash at all times. Even just enough for a few meals. Internet is used to scan and charge credit and debit cards.

2.) Calling the internet provider will not help. They are aware that the internet is down and they are trying to fix it. Don't berate the poor people who are just as upset that things aren't working as you are.

3.) Some phone lines will be down. The recent outage affected law offices, emergency services, hospitals and more. Do not try to contact them unless absolutely 100 percent necessary. If they have back up systems, they shouldn't be bogged down by unimportant calls.

4.) This doesn't mean you have to change service providers. Chances are it is going to happen to each provider at some point or another. Things break, just have to wait it out.

5.) Your phone usually can be turned into a hotspot if you absolutely needed to get online. Turn on your cell phone networks and maybe hook up a laptop to the mobile device. It will use up data but if you NEEDED to get online for something, you can do that.

Above all, remember it is going to be ok. It isn't apocalyptic. The internet will be back.

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