Halloween I swear has become more and more popular with adults each year. September is being affectionately called "Halloween Eve" and fall is interchangeable with Halloween decorations. If you are a Halloween buff, the Magic Valley has some great things for you to check out.

If you are new to the Magic Valley and love Halloween you definitely want to check out this list. If you are a native, a lot of these things may be on your "must do every year" list.


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    Ghost Hunting In Gooding

    This year you can go to Gooding and check out the haunted TB hospital that has been featured on Ghost Adventures. They will have events available in both September and October. Definitely a must try if you love all things spooky.

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    Haunted Swamp

    This is one that I have not been to yet but hear amazing things about it every single year. You can check out the Haunted Swamp starting at the end of September. They will even have a kids day just for the kiddos not super into being scared out of their pants.

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    Haunted Mansion of Albion

    This is one I have been to and it scared the pants off me. These actors are amazing and each year there are slightly different themes to enjoy. The Haunted Mansions of Albion is a massive campus full of all things spooky and it is said it is actually haunted, not just by the actors in amazing make up.

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    Check Out Halloween City

    If you love decorating for Halloween and your own parties are more your thing, Halloween City is a must stop. They are a little low on inventory at this exact moment, but there is no doubt new and creepy things are coming out all the time.

  • 5

    Check Out Stricker Ranch

    As once part of the Oregon Trail, Stricker Ranch is said to be haunted by the pioneers who never made it to their destination. You can check out Stricker After Dark and even share your own spooky experiences.

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