I had not idea there was a haunted hospital in Gooding, but now I want to go ghost hunting there! Apparently, you can buy tickets now if you dare.

On Saturday, September 28th there is going to be a ghost hunting adventure at the haunted Idaho Tuberculosis (TB) Hospital. Tickets are available now for both those who want to stay the night and for those who just want to check it out but you can only stay until 4 a.m. as if that isn't going to be long enough.

The old TB Hospital has been featured on a number of ghost hunting shows including Ghost Adventures. According to the Facebook event, people have claimed to see full-body apparitions, doors banging, whistling and items removed, just to name a few. I am getting goosebumps just thinking about it!

You can read more about the history of the building and some of the spooky encounters here.

Ticket prices range from $129 if you don't want to stay the night to $179 per person if you do want a private room. If you can't make September 28, there will be on September 27, October 25 and October 26. Man, it even looks creepy.

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