There is a huge percentage of people who drink coffee every day in Idaho. There are shops dedicated solely to the stuff. It’s at the deli, grocery store, cafeteria, restaurants, waiting room, and even the convenience store. Coffee is a big deal.

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If you aren’t a purist, options as to how to take your coffee are nearly immeasurable. One of the first things to consider is a dairy product of the milk family. If you choose to add a milk-type product to your coffee, be advised - don’t use coffee creamer.

Should People Use Dried Coffee Creamer?

Let’s begin with the fact that the dried stuff is flammable, it doesn’t contain any cream. Rumor has it that, given the right circumstances, it could explode. Sure the word cream is in there, but the ‘er’ at the end is a dead giveaway. Don't light a cigarette nearby if you want to dry creamer your coffee.

Why Should Coffee Lovers Never Use Coffee Creamer?

Barring an allergy to dairy, nobody should drink ‘coffee creamer’. It seems only right to list out reasons why.

  1. There is no cream in coffee creamer. There is corn syrup, water, and oils. Enjoy.
  2. Thickeners and preservatives abound in the fake stuff. Evidence suggests these chemicals can cause inflammation, gastrointestinal issues, and damage the reproductive system.
  3. Watch out for added sugar. Sure, regular cream has natural sugar, but the fake stuff can deliver 30 percent of your recommended daily sugar in 1 cup.
  4. Sugar-free ‘coffee creamer’ is worse than ones that use corn syrup. Those sweeteners are shown to kill the good bacteria in your gut. So, if you are going for sugar-free because of diabetes, you could be making it worse.
  5. Most people don’t drink coffee in moderation. If you decide a little poison is okay, do you ever stop at just 1 cup?

If you can't have dairy, try oat or almond milk. Otherwise, the best way to enjoy a dairy product in your coffee is to use dairy. Be it milk, half-and-half, whipped cream, or a flavored creamer that uses actual cream, look for a list of ingredients you can pronounce, the fewer the better.

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