Twin Falls is growing, and as more and more people move in and the town expands, more businesses are opening up. As people from different states migrate to the area, there will be a need for more stores to keep everyone happy. As we have seen over the last few years, some of these stores thrive and catch on, while others last for a bit and then close their doors to join the unfortunate long list of Twin Falls memories. One certain type of store has been popping up all over town and it is time to admit that we have too many and that no more are needed or wanted in Twin Falls.

Too Many Coffee Shops in Twin Falls

Credit Canva
Credit Canva

It was reported earlier this week that a new Starbucks will be moving into Twin Falls on Pole Line. This was only a couple of weeks after Twin had to say goodbye to Boomerang Coffee located on Cheney. While coffee shops are typically successful anywhere, shouldn't one recent one closing be a sign that another is not needed? Boomerang was the only one in Twin Falls and offered a variety that others in town did not, meanwhile, another Starbucks is opening in town, which will become the fourth one in the area. With a coffee shop having closed only a couple of weeks ago, is there a need for another one, specifically one that we already have three of? 

No More Coffee Shops in Twin Falls

Credit: kurmyshov
Credit: kurmyshov

There are currently too many coffee shops in Twin Falls, and that is not including the restaurants that offer coffee, or fast food restaurants that also offer it. There are plenty of options to get coffee in this town, and unless one offers something unique from the others, another one is not needed. There aren't many intersections in town that don't have a coffee shop on them, making it unnecessary to add one more. There are bigger needs in this town, and as the town expands throughout the years, other stores will be needed. None of the new residents in Twin Falls will be hurting for coffee. There are easily over 20 places to get coffee in town, and in a place the size of Twin Falls, that is too many. That isn't including coffee shops in surrounding towns. 

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Will another Starbucks be successful in Twin Falls? Time will tell. It could run another coffee shop out of town, or follow the line of others, and be gone in a couple of years. One thing is for certain though, we don't need any other coffee shops in Twin Falls. Please don't bring in anymore, and add other eating or drinking options to town instead.

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