I am the first person to celebrate when the temperature reaches the 80s and 90s and the sun comes out. But, there are so many reasons that summer time sucks to be a woman. Here are a few:

1.) Sweat: Boob Sweat. This is worse than regular sweat and worse for women for two reasons, bras and sweat marks. Whoever created the bra did not think about summer time and the material that likes to hold that perspiration in place, leaving horrible marks on our tank tops, work clothes and whatever else we are trying to wear to keep cool. Hiding boob sweat marks on shirts are the WORST!

2.) In the office or at work it is also known as Women's winter. Here is a great video to explain why.

The AC is the worst! No one agrees and I can't be the only one who always seems to have my desk right where a vent blows frigid air all day!

3.) Shaving season. During the winter we take advantage of the fact that we can wear jeans every day and no one will ever see the 6 inches of hair that started to grow on our legs. Shaving regularly is definitely a first world problem, but it is just such a pain!

cold vs hot

4.) Car Rides: for very similar reason as the AC in the office and the boob sweat, car rides are the worst. That really cute spring dress you were wearing? Yea, now you have to worry about the lines of sweat down your back from the hot car you climbed into. Not to mention when the AC finally gets cool enough, now it is freezing the the car. It is a constant battle of climate control.

5.) Swimsuit shopping! Everybody pretty much has something they do not like about their body or physical feature. During the winter, it is so easy to hide whatever you are uncomfortable with! Summer time: NOPE! It is really hard to hide anything in a bikini! And even trying on swim suits are the most uncomfortable thing! There is the weird plastic or paper liner in the bottoms, you never get the right gauge of how it is going to fit and it can be very disheartening. Swimming, outdoor activities and boating are fun, bathing suit shopping is not.

Did we miss anything? How many of you agree?

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