Twin Falls has a lot to do, it is one of the many reasons I love living here. However, there have been some suggestions that you hear from people all over the area stating they wish Twin Falls had these things. Here are some of the more common suggestions we hear when we ask what businesses Twin Falls needs.


  • 1

    A water park

    I know this is something that we could only utilize for about 5 months but how amazing would it be? Roaring Springs is super busy and people from Twin Falls travel there, imagine what they would do with one right in their back yard. I might get a season pass and go every weekend.

  • 2

    Indoor go-kart/ something like Wahooz

    Again, attached to Roaring Springs, but Twin Falls would make it better. We would love to have a place for the kids to go after school and have a great time. Plus, I know adults who love indoor go karts and video games. Me, I am those adults.

  • 3

    Trader Joe's

    I think a Trader Joe's would kill it here. Similar-ish to Costco but with a lot of healthy options and unique foods. I have been in a Trader Joe's twice in my life and I was like a kid in a candy store.

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    Admittedly I have never really understood the fascination with IKEA except they have some really interesting furniture you have to put together yourself. I know people love it and you can walk out with an affordable new living room, you just have to put it together. People love it.

  • 5


    This place has everything for the family. Giant board games, video games, food, family fun atmosphere. You can go there and play arcade games, video games, board games, and more.

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