Idaho has some pretty strange town names, some of which even sound naughty. I swear, when you say some of these names you almost feel like you're getting away with saying something you shouldn't.

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  • 1


    Yes, this is a real name of a real town in Idaho. It was named after a person. I am not sure which is more unfortunate, the town name or the man who was name that.

  • 2


    It sounds like you are insulting someone or calling someone a bad name. The first time you hear it you almost need a second to see if you heard correctly.

  • 3


    I don't know why this one sounds naughty, it just does.

  • 4


    Yep, Bone. I am just going to leave it at that.

  • 5


    The first time I heard this town name I legitimately laughed out loud. Dingle. Ha

  • 6


    It just sounds filthy. See what I did there?

  • 7


    Gross, obviously, it sounds gross. It makes you think something disgusting is happening there. I am sure it is a lovely place.

  • 8

    Shells Lick

    Again, not really sure why this one sounds naughty but it does. Maybe it is the lick part?

  • 9


    It sounds like that lame joke you used to try to pull on people when you prank called them. "Yes my name is Ben, Ben Dover"

  • 10


    I know it should sound like a comfortable place you sit or an action you do when you are trying to pet a dog, but no, it just sounds naughty. Maybe it is just my brain?

  • 11


    Yep, another one I am going to leave at that.

  • 12

    Bonners Ferry

    It definitely at least looks like it is spelled naughty.

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