Santa Claus is coming to town and some Magic Valley towns have been naughty this year. You know he has his list and is checking it twice. So if entire towns were on the "naughty" and "nice" list this is what we think Santa would have them

Disclaimer: This is a parody, it is supposed to be funny. It's ok to laugh

Naughty List For Magic Valley Towns

Twin Falls: Twin Falls is definitely on the naughty list. Have you seen the traffic? Have you seen the insane driving? The amount of run-red lights alone is enough to get Twin Falls on the naughty list. The people are amazing, there is no doubt, but maneuvering around town and stores with the crowds, it definitely feels naughty.

Burley: Burley is up there with Twin Falls on the naughty list. I would really only put Burley on the naughty list because of the trains that go through there. I got stuck behind a train, I am not kidding, for 25 minutes. I swear, they just stop and hang out for a while.

Filer: Filer is on the naughty list because of the crazy and drastic changes in speeds to get through there. At one point they had very VERY SMALL amounts of arsenic in the water. It is all fine now. Please, don't worry. Plus, there is not a whole lot of nightlife if you are in to that sort of thing.

Hailey: Hailey is a beautiful place, that is for sure, but with the recent growth and interest in property there by actors and superstars, the area has been nicknamed "Haileywood". It is the "Hollywood" of Idaho. While I don't mind people moving there and helping Idaho economy, it still feels a little naughty to me.

Jerome: Jerome does not have very great ratings when it comes to public schools, housing, crime, and safety according to niche. Niche is a website that calculates data in each town. Now, I think Jerome is adorable and I would totally live there, but it gets the naughty list for this ranking.

Nice List For Magic Valley Towns

Hagerman: Hagerman has to be one of, if not the pretties towns in the area. There is so much history and it is so scenic. Between the host springs, fossil beds, Oregon trail, etc it is a great destination. It definitely gets the nice treatment.

Rupert: Rupert literally turns into Christmas City, USA during the holiday season. There is no way they CAN'T be on the nice list. They epitomize everything joyful during the holidays.

Gooding: I am basing this solely off the amount of cheese Gooding slings out. Cheese is joy in a bag. Cheese goes on everything and makes everything better. 100 percent on the nice list. Mmmm cheese.

Kimberly: Kimberly is on the nice list for sure. That town, even being fairly small, knows how to come together for a party and a good cause. They have some of the best rates schools in the area as well.

Shoshone: Shoshone is definitely nice. Have you ever driven around down there and just saw people you have never met before wave at you? I have! And they really preserve the history in the town. The court house is just one example of that. It is an adorable town.

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